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Sunday, September 03, 2017

My Sunday Stitchy Update 09/03/17

Well lookie there...

It seems that I had another birthday and my family has once again spoiled me - a lot!

I got a ton of stuff! I asked for and received some shelves for my bedroom so I can display all my pretty things! They are not up yet, so no picture of them. I also asked for some more puzzles and they did not disappoint in that department.
I think that 3,000 piece one may keep me busy for a LONG while.

An old friend of mine sent me some beautiful flowers to celebrate the day too.

The family also took me out to dinner. Birthday person picks and I chose a place called Serial Grillers. We are still trying out new (to us) restaurants here in Tucson and this one has been on my list and with IT coming out next weekend (I can't wait) I thought meals named after serial killers seemed appropriate. These were some of our dinner companions.

The food was good and I ordered the Red Dragon
calzone and it was bigger than humongous! 
It was very good and now I have leftovers to enjoy too!

Then over to the best ice cream place ever, Cold Stone Creamery to pick up ice cream for (much) later!! Sometimes I believe that Jacob (my grandson) enjoys the birthdays more than the person of honor! He loves the whole wrapping of the presents, then the unwrapping, dinner, dessert and everything else in between - he even likes doing the shopping for presents.

Then I thought, what the cross stitch stuff?  So I bought some as a gift for myself!  I always, well almost always get the current Free Pattern of the Month series over at Stoney Creek. There were a few (very few) that didn't "speak" to me so I skipped them. I usually just file them away with the million other things to stitch...someday in the future but the current one keeps saying "STITCH ME" so who am I not to listen? So I went ahead and purchased the fabric, fabric holder, and a couple of the button packs needed.
I still need a few more button packs and I need to look thru my Kreinik to see what colors I need and I will be all set. Oh yeah, I need to start it and then finish it too! ha ha I am SURE it won't be ready this Halloween but there is always another!

It was a great birthday weekend all-in-all!

But I guess you guys came here to see stitching and not my birthday!

I started another for the Christmas Ornament SAL. Haven't gotten very far yet but here it it...

12 Days of Christmas
Day 9
Nine Ladies Dancing
Designer - Margaret Sherry
Progress as of  09/03/17

But now that I am looking at it
I think there is a mistake in there,
oh well...that is what is tomorrow is for!

Thanks for bearing with me through this
long post and for taking a peek at my stitching
see ya next week with another faithful update!


Vickie said...

Happy belated birthday!!! Your family did spoil you! I wish I could work puzzles but Bert takes the pieces and runs away!! The new restaurant sounds great!! Can't wait to see your ladies dancing!!

Linda said...

Happy belated Birthday Faith. I have a birthday on the 14th. Love your new puzzles and Stoney Creek soon to be start. Beautiful flowers.


Deb said...

Wonderful birthday gifts! Have collected a few of the Stoney Creek free patterns, too. Love everything, have fun with all those puzzles. Especially with that 3000 piece puzzle!

Brigitte said...

Happy belated birthday wishes are coming your way, Faith. It seems you had a wonderful day with your family. And with lots of greta gifts. The puzzles are certainly perfect for you, particularly the 3000 pieces one. That food you had on your birthday sounds terrific. But eating underneath these serial killer pictures is something I would have to think about, ROFL.

Lili said...

Happy belated birthday, Faith!!
So nice gifts! It looks you had a wonderful b-day!
Love your new halloween project! Lovely start on the Christmas piece!
Have a wonderful week!


diamondc said...

Happy Birthday Faith: I am sure you had a wonderfull time, that calzone looks yummy.
Oh my the puzzle with the motor cycle caught my eye, you will be very busy.
I am not sure about the new Steven King movie, I like almost all his flicks but one with killer clowns I am not sure I will wait for the reviews.
Thank-you for the link to the free pattern.


RJ said...

Hi Faith! I've been out of town this week but glad I got back to wish you a belated happy birthday and glad to hear you had such a good day. It was my birthday this week too so I guess we are both Virgo's. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

Desiree Ehleiter said...

Happy birthday! Sounds like you had a wonderful week! Your now Halloween piece looks like it is going to be amazing!

Astrids dragon said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Faith! It looks like you had a great birthday, I love what you treated yourself to!

Mary said...

Happy Belated Birthday Faith! My computer was in the shop for 2 weeks so I'm trying to do some blog catch up. YOur family did spoil you and I'm glad it was such a nice day for you. Glad you treated yourself to a Cross stitch gift too!! Mary@stitchingfriendsforever