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Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Castle Conflict

I love these cartoon puzzles by Jan van Haasteren. They are fun to put together and as an added bonus he puts hidden things in the puzzles for you to find. His trademark of a the shark’s fin is featured in every puzzle. He also includes a few of his favorite images – Saint Nicholas, The Hands, The Dentures and Jan’s self-portrait which you will find in nearly all of his illustrations. Finding them can prove a little difficult sometimes but it is fun!

This is my newest puzzle finish...

Castle Conflict
First Piece - 07/25/17
Last Piece - 08/06/17
Piece Count - 1,000
Size - 27 x 19

A new puzzle is already on the extra large bulletin board which is what I put my puzzles together on. It easily fits on the table and can be easily spun around to work on the other side of the puzzle or moved if I need to move it.

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Linda said...

Another great puzzle finish Faith.


Deb said...

Wow! What a great puzzle! I am sooooo tempted as i have atleast 20 puzzles in my closet. But then i would never het any stitching or housework done, lol. Hubby might complain a little on the housework!

Lili said...

Great puzzle, Faith!

Meari said...

You get those puzzles together so fast!

Brigitte said...

This looks a bit complicated.

RJ said...

This one looks hard to me too, Faith. But, you are so good at putting them together so quickly. RJ