Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Puzzling Wednesday 10/04/17

This week I have been working on this puzzle that my grandson bought at the thrift store. He loves penguins so when he saw it he decided that I could make it for him who am I to not comply? I mean he is my favorite (and only) grandchild!

It is a bit harder than I thought it would be but I almost have one penguin finished.

Emperor Penguins, Antarctica
Series - Nature
Milton Bradley
Piece Count - 1,000
Size 20 x 26
Used Puzzle
First Piece 09/27/17
Progress 10/04/17

Here is hoping I make some good progress on this!

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Linda said...

Cute puzzle Faith. I have to quit looking at this posts. lol They make me want to work on a puzzle and I don't have time right now.


diamondc said...

Faith: This puzzle is so sweet and says a million things just by the image, it is wonderful.


Brigitte said...

Another nice puzzle. And that it's for your grandson makes it even more attractive.

Lili said...

Your grandson pick out a lovely puzzle!
Great progress! Have fun!

Mary said...

It must be quite the difficult puzzle as so much is just black and white without color variations. How nice that your grandson is involved with your hobby!

RJ said...

Love this puzzle Faith. Penquins are so adorable with their build in tux's. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever