Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Puzzling Wednesday 11/01/17

I finished this mystery puzzle this week.

It was fun but the grassy parts weren't that easy.

Remember these puzzles don't come with the picture of the solution so let me show the box top again.

Antiques Hunt!
Original Series #10

and the solution is
(sorry about the washed out color)
Piece Count - 1,000
Size 27 x 19
Used Puzzle
First Piece 10/20/17
Last Piece 10/29/17

Now to look thru the puzzle pile to pick another 😀

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see ya next time!

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beauty that you can have,
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RJ said...

Faith, I don't know how you do it without a picture to guide you. The grass had to be SO hard. As I've said before you are the "Queen of Puzzles". You need an award. Have a super week. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

Linda said...

Te puzzle turned out great Faith.


Mary said...

Oh my, this makes the puzzle even twice as hard to finish! I can't believe how fast you complete them, you are a master!! Mary

diamondc said...

Faith: Wow so many color changes.


Lili said...

Wonderful work! The puzzle is great! The puzzle shows the scenery in front of the table, what a hard puzzle! Nice job, Faith!
Have a great day!

Brigitte said...

I can't see how one could be capable to finish such a difficult puzzle without knowing what it will look like. You must be an expert for these. Congratulations.