Thursday, April 26, 2018

It's a Puzzling Day 04/26/18

Last night I finished up this yummy puzzle!

It would be perfect for those hot days of summer here in Tucson!

Assorted Ice Cream Flavors
Piece Count - 1,500
Size 23 x 33
Used Puzzle
First Piece 04/19/18
Last Piece 04/25/18

My two all time favorite ice cream flavors are butter pecan and something, anything with caramel in it! What are your favorites? 

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Kaisievic said...

This is a yummy puzzle - great colours in it.

Manuela said...

It is a yummy puzzle. I like yoghurt-cherry.
Best wishes Manuela

Brigitte said...

I'm not an ice cream person but I'm sure that I would become one if I was doing this puzzle, lol.

Linda said...

Yummy looking puzzle Faith. I'm a chocolate person.


Sheryl S. said...

Love the colours of this puzzle,

Katie said...

Beautiful puzzle. Looks yummy. My favorite is Moose Tracks but I have a new one that is Black Raspberry or something and it's really good too.

Barb said...

I'm not real big on ice cream but the piece does look appealing like you could get a spoon out and dig in.

Lili said...

Yummy puzzle! My favourite ice cream is strawberry!