Sunday, April 22, 2018

My Sunday Stitchy Update 04/22/18

Hello Friends!

I hope you had a great week this week and were able to get in some time for yourself and maybe some stitching for Hermitting Weekend!

This weekend was Hermitting Weekend for stitchers. It is like a big stitch in but you stitch from the comfort of your favorite spot. You can click on the IHSW icon above to learn more about hermitting!

I was able to get in some stitchy time and worked on my first ever biscornu!


(left side)
From My Heart To Yours
Designer - Carla Rizzie

(right side)
Hearts All Around
Designer - Faithfully Stitching Designs
Progress as of 04/22/18

I received the chart, fabric (which was already cut into two small squares) and floss from a good friend who didn't want to stitch it way back in 2010 or 2011. I started it then but soon got bored with it and into the pile it went. Now as I am TRYING to empty the WIP Box of projects this one came up in rotation. Looking at the chart I realized there was NO possible way it was going to fit on that small piece of aida. Why didn't I realize that way back then? Who knows; maybe I had plans to change it then but since it was at the bottom of the box for so long I can't remember! 

Ok... back on track! I changed the things I wanted to change on the chart I had and finished one of  the squares. I was just going to stitch it twice, once for the top and then again for the bottom but once I finished the first square I changed my mind. So I opened up PC Stitch and designed a simple square that could be the other side! It will look just like what you see on the right side, just flipped around to form the square. Then will be the tricky assembly but that will be for another week as it is time to put this back in the box and move on to the next thing.

So that brings me to the WIP Box. I think I have made an executive decision (since it is only me, I wasn't overruled!) about the four UFOs still left untouched in the box! Since I still have some new starts (and who doesn't prefer a NEW start to a UFO) I will work in the remaining UFOs when something is finished and moved out. I started feeling that I might NEVER get anything finished since it is hard to work on 18 different pieces and it seems as though it takes to long to get back to each project!

Next weekend will be WIPocalypse weekend!!
I hope you'll join in!

Well that was a long post, so I will go for now!

Thanks for taking a peek at my stitching
see ya next week with another faithful update!


Katie said...

Beautiful work on your biscornu piece. I think they are so much fun to do. They look so cute on display. Good luck getting more time on your WIPs.

Linda said...

We can never have to many starts or WIp's Faith. Your biscornu is looking great.


diamondc said...

Faith: I love the design and the color thread you used, please post a photo after completion.


Brigitte said...

I agree with Linda. Wips and new starts are just what we need. But I can understand when someone gets overwhelmed by the many WIPs they have.
That will be a really great biscornu.

Meari said...

You only have 4 UFO's?

I say work on your projects in a manner that works for you. Yes, make the executive decision. LOL

Kaisievic said...

I am impressed that you only have four UFOs??????? I haven't counted mine (because I am too scared) but I would have to say them mine are well into the double digits heading towards that scary third digit!

Sheryl S. said...

Pretty design which looks quite complicated. It will make a lovely biscornu. I have just finished one too that I had abandoned before finishing.

Carol said...

Such pretty stitching, Faith! I have never tried making a biscornu--good luck with yours :)

Lili said...

Your biscornu looks great, Faith! Love the heart on the corner! :)
Please don't stress about WIP's, just stitch what you want and what is calling for you. It's a fun hobby!

Happy stitching!

Rachel said...

Hearts All Around looks fantastic; I hope amending the pattern works well. Regarding your WIPs, you seem to have a good rotation which works well and means everything gets a regular outing. If only there were more hours in the day...! :)