Thursday, April 01, 2021

March 2021 Stitching Stats!

Happy April Everyone! 

You would think that spring must surely be on it's way since it is April but I did see some snow falling in the states today when I watched the news!  We went to 88° today and it looks like we will see the 90s early next week and I am NOT complaining about that!! 😃

Thanks to Mischievous March I had plenty of new starts and finishes last month to add into my stats!

During the month of March these are the pieces I worked on:

Coffee Time Cup
First Stitch 03/01/21
Finished 03/06/21

Tea Time Cup
First Stitch 03/07/21
Finished 03/14/21

Funny Dictionary Definitions, Tea
First Stitch 03/15/21
Finished 03/21/21

Funny Dictionary Definitions, Coffee

First Stitch 03/22/21
Finished 03/28/21

Keep Calm, Tea Time
First Stitch 03/29/21

My Stats for the month of March and Year to Date are...

    Number of Days Stitched This Month = 31
    Number of Days Stitched This Year = 88
           *Missed two days in January

    Number of Unique Projects Worked on This Month = 5
    Number of Unique Projects Worked on This Year = 11

    Number of New Projects Started This Month = 5
    Number of New Projects Started This Year  = 6

    Number of Projects Finished This Month = 4
    Number of Projects Finished This Year = 8

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my recap

and for stopping by,
see ya next time and
enjoy your weekend!!


butterfly said...

Love the designs you have stitched this month .
Happy Easter .

Manuela said...

Your are very busy the last month.
Happy Easter. Manuela

Mary said...

You had a most productive month!!! Have a Happy Easter!!

Cathy said...

You did good again this month. I'm looking forward to see what next month brings!

Shami Immanuel said...

You have done a good amount of stitching last month. Both the tea and coffee finishes are beautiful.

Bethan said...

I love your definitions! It snowed here in the UK this morning - only wafting through the air but fairly big flakes

Preeti said...

Beautiful stitching! I love coffee too:) But now we are moving towards hotter months so I reduce hot coffee intake and replace with cold coffee;)