Monday, June 14, 2021

Fully-Finished Gallery SAL June 2021

Hi, it's me again. 

I was just browsing some pages and went over to Rachel's place to read her posts and all of a sudden I saw one and thought...  HEY, I FINISHED SOME PIECES!!

I know it has been a minute or two and they are just some simple finished but hey, a finish is a finish! A little while ago I was working on these Coffee and Tea pieces at the request of my daughter and then imagine when she wanted me to FINISH them so she can hang them. I know, I know... she has some nerve but I did it for her.

Two of them got the simple hoop frame finish. 

Then I was at the dollar store where they had these plant pictures framed in a square wooden frame and for a dollar I thought I would give them a try. So I brought them home, removed the piece they had and used them to frame two of the pieces.

Then the last one I had an idea because of something I saw who knows where? I got on my favorite shopping site Amazon and ordered a red frame. Of course we already had white craft paint and paint brushes so I was on my way to an FFO. I thought that the polka dots on the picture should also be on the frame, At first the dots were coming out in different sizes to I got out my hole reinforcements that I use in my binder and put them on the frame and painted inside the circles and viola a finish was made!

They are all hanging in the drink area that Tia has made us. 

Thanks for stopping by and seeing my finishes.
Now that the world is open again maybe I can get some more pieces finished? 

Now if you want to, you can hop on over to Rachel's page to see what other's have finished!


Clare-Aimetu said...

Great finishes, you've been very inventive with your framing. I love the polka dot one, great idea to use the reinforcements as a stencil

butterfly said...

Well done some fab finishing .

Manuela said...

Wonderful finishes. Great Job Faith.
My favourite is the red frame with the white dots. Pefect idea.
Enjoy the week. Manuela

Carol said...

What a great idea for painting the dots, Faith! It looks perfect with that piece of stitching and the dotted cups and pots :) I like the way you used the dollar store frames, too... Will have to get some and try that idea out. I haven't been inside a dollar store since Covid began!

Astrids dragon said...

This should make her very happy, they are all great finishes! I really like the added polka dots, it completes it perfectly.

deborah said...

All these tea designs are wonderful! Love the polka dots design! I'm a huge tea drinker also. Enjoying your wonderful blog!