Sunday, June 20, 2021

My Sunday Stitchy Update 06/20/21

Hi everybody! I had  great week this week and got in quite a bit of stitching.

That means that I FINALLY finished the borders on this section of the Quilt Squares!

Quilt Block Sampler
Artist - Loretta Oliver

Progress 06/20/21

I even managed to finish another square! I hope to get in another square next week before this goes back in the box for a while. Which brings me to a question for you guys...

Is anyone going to be participating in the Christmas in July event hosted by Rachel at The Ten Hour Stitcher? I think she will also have an Olympic Stitching event which will overlap Christmas in July. I am hoping the Christmas event will help me get my "required" ornaments stitched up for the family early instead of having to struggle along and get frustrated with them during the month of December! This year I also intend to make SMALLER ornaments which should be a big help too!! I hope you will join in!

Well as always, thanks so much for stopping by,
see you next week with another faithful update!



butterfly said...

Love your squares ,must be great to stitch.
I will have to pass joining in the Christmas stitching .
Maybe another time , I have far to many unfinished
But will look forward to see what others are stitching .
Have a great week .

Manuela said...

Your new squares looks great.
Hope you have enough stitching time to make the next square.
Have a nice week. Manuela

Astrids dragon said...

I love this stitched in blue, don't let it stay in the box too long!
I should join in with Christmas in July, but that would require orgization on my part!

Linda said...

Awesome progress Faith.


Sheryl said...

Pretty stitching on the quilt squares, the quilt blocks look lovely.

Carol said...

Great job on finishing the borders and adding another square to this pretty piece, Faith! I look forward to seeing this one grow and seeing what ornaments you decide to stitch. I need to get busy as I have a new nephew to stitch an ornament for and also decide on one for my grandson. This year is passing by way too quickly!

Mary said...

Faith, I will enjoy watching your squares progress. I haven't been doing any stitching but might try to do a simple Christmas ornament. I have been busy with card making and photography, at least I can see what I'm doing with that! Have a great week. Mary

The Crafty Princess said...

Wow it looks great, very effective with those borders. I won't be joining in unfortunately I have too many deadlines. But will cheer on any work by others!
xo Alicia