Sunday, August 17, 2014

My Sunday Stitchy Update

Hi all!

This week I have been working on Dinosaurs! That means I have been putting in lots of confetti stitches which as all you stitchers know; can be extremely time consuming!! In a 200 stitch section I used about 25 different colors - that is a lot of floss changes! It does make the piece look amazing though!

This is my before picture

and this is my picture today!

Thanks for taking a peek at my stitching
see ya next week with another faithful update!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

My Sunday Stitchy Update

Well Good Evening Everyone!

I hope that you have been having a great week. Me - I had an extremely BUSY week; seems like I was on the go more days than not.

I did manage to get in some stitching but this darn thing called THE INTERNET keeps getting in my way! I look at one stinking thing and two hours later I am still looking and not stitching. In my defense though I did spend a day cutting fabric for a sewing project and then another day sewing it all together. The picture of that will come next week because it is a gift that the recipient hasn't received yet!

This week Stained Glass was up in my rotation
and here is my before picture

and my after picture.

How did you do?  Did you get in any stitching last week??

Now I will be putting this piece away and pulling
out Dinosaurs, hopefully I will manage to have 
less internet time and more stitching time.

 Thanks for taking a peek at my stitching
see ya next week with another faithful update!

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Wednesday Words

I have gone thru quite a few books lately (both audiobooks and regular books) and thought I would take a minute to update you on my reading.

Since my last Books post I have finished

Who Asked You by Terry McMillian - It was a pretty good book! It is a book of fiction but it could easily be based on many families true stories. Betty Jean is the family rock and you follow her journey as she struggles through day to day life with her family and you will find yourself cheering for her every step of the way.

Confessions of a Murder Suspect by James Patterson - Different from his other books - but it was good...not spectacular but good. Saw the ending coming, but not the reason. I will read the other books in the series because I want to know - What happened to Matthew?

Also started the Tess Monaghan series by Laura Lippman - There are twelve books in the series and I am on number seven. I like her books for the most part but some times she could say the same thing in LESS words. She gives so much background information about stuff that I sometimes forget what the book is about! I have grown found of Tess and Crow and look forward to their next adventure.

Also read Don't Let Me Go by Catherine Ryan Hyde - it was GREAT! Once I got into it I couldn't put it down. This book shows the kindness in people. Grace is a child in trouble and because she needs help all the neighbors in her building who didn't even know each other join together to save her and in turn her mother and their selves; all while they built life long friendships between themselves.

When I Found You also by by Catherine Ryan Hyde - Another good book by this author! Love how she makes you think about your relationships with other people; people that you generally take for granted.

Stephen King caught my attention with Mr. Mercedes - YAY! Back to his old school writing and I LOVED it! This is supposed to be book one of a trilogy and I will anxiously be waiting for the rest of the books! 

Takedown Twenty and Top Secret Twenty-One; both are from the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich - These books are seriously laugh out loud funny! I enjoy this series and am looking forward to bok 22 already!

High Heat (Jack Reacher Series #17.5 - a Kindle edition) by Lee Child - it was ok...went back to when Reacher was 16 and traveling across country to visit his brother. Story was a bit unbelievable - but most Reacher books are like that but I still enjoy each and every one of them!

Last but not least I read the new Women's Murder Club, Unlucky 13 by James Patterson - Book was pretty good. Of course the ending was not really an ending so I guess that will be the beginning to the next book.

So - what are you reading??  I am ALWAYS on the lookout for something new to read!

Sunday, August 03, 2014

My Sunday Stitchy Update

Hi everyone... hope you are all having a great week. I am had a pretty good week - even my pain seems a bit better now that the doctors are mixing my medications with acupuncture so any week that I have less pain is a great week for me!

This week I stitched on
The Wizard of Oz
by designer - Lesley Teare

This is my before picture

and here is my after
progress was made even though I had to frog it twice!

Love this piece because it is so colorful and I enjoy seeing
the characters faces come to life as I stitch them.

Thanks for taking a peek at my stitching
see ya next week with another faithful update!

Saturday, August 02, 2014

August YOTA

WOW here it is the beginning of August already, the year seems to be flying by!

Today is the first Saturday of the month which means that it is time for the YOTA update :)

YOTA happens on the first Saturday of every month and it is the time when we show our stitching progress for the past month.  You can go here and find out more information about it and please feel free to sign up so we can see your monthly progress!

I got in some stitching on my main YOTA piece, Dinosaurs

and I have added two more pieces to my main rotation

first is The Wizard of Oz

 and next is Stained Glass

Thanks for looking and I look forward
to showing you LOTS more progress on the
next YOTA day September 6th
so see ya then :)