Monday, April 15, 2024

March 2024 Stitching Stats!

Well, as you see this post is very late. That is because I have been going back and forth with myself arguing, thinking and deciding about what I should do about my stats. Should I post my stats... but there are so many pictures or should I skip posting them all together or... should I post them without the pictures. 

I have finally come to my decision to post without pictures because there are going to be at least a dozen projects each month with one or two pictures for each project from now on and that is way to many for one post. 

I am so glad I finally decided because I was tired of arguing with myself! 

So here we go... the stats for March. 

Number of Days Stitched This Month = 31
Number of Days Stitched This Year = 91
Number of Days Stitched Consecutively = 821

Number of *Projects Worked on This Month = 15
     *Includes WIPs, UFOs (which may have already been worked on) and new starts.
Number of Stitches Put In This Month = 4,405

Number of New Projects Started This Month = 3
Number of New Projects Started This Year = 11

Number of Projects Finished This Month = 0
Number of Projects *Finished This Year = 2
     *Does Not included any mini finishes.

Well thanks so much for stopping by and seeing how much I accomplished for the month!
See you again soon.


Robin in Virginia said...

I like reading your stats, Faith. I bet arguing with yourself can be tiresome. LOL Have a good Tuesday!

Clare-Aimetu said...

Firstly don't stress about posting, blogging and stitching should be fun.
Secondly I love seeing your stats and they are a great record for you to keep
Thirdly photos can be added anytime

Be kind to yourself x

butterfly said...

You are always doing so well.
I would be hopeless at keeping records .
I try to be organise but , I change my mind all the time.
That's why I am no good joining groups any more.
Have fun , Hugs June.

Katie said...

I love arguing with myself worst part is when I lose though haha. Great stats. Keep it up girl!!!