Sunday, March 31, 2024

My Sunday Stitchy Update 03/31/24

First of all I would like to wish everyone who celebrates Easter a very blessed Easter filled with renewed hope, love and peace. 

Well we have officially ended March and now are going into the second quarter of this year. Everytime a month gets over it seems as though time is just speeding by and leaving me on the side somewhere! 

This last week I have been very busy with my needle and thread so let me show you what I accomplished.

Temperature Library
Designer - Kristi DiClemente
Progress 03/24/24
Added 200 stitches

Still working on the bookshelf along with trying to remember to record the weather everyday!

Twisted Rainbow Sampler

Progress 03/26/24
Added 243 Stitches

Then I was excited to start this new SAL from Stitchonomy. I usually don't like doing SAL because you rarely know what the design will look like when you are finished. I think I usually like Alyssa's SALs though so I am not to worried about hers.

Winter SAL
Designer - Alyssa

Progress 03/30/24
Added 418 Stitches

This was another one of her free SALs. If you are interested, you can see her past SALs on her site. While you are there you can sign up for her emails so you will know when there is another free SAL coming up. 

Anyways those are the stitches I did last week which completed my acrostics for the month.
Now to get ready for April!

Thanks a bunch for stopping by and for your support
and encouragement, they are always appreciated.


MartinaM said...

Oh yeah, the first three months flew by, nice little progress, I'm looking forward to seeing the next work.
Enjoy your time,

butterfly said...

Great progress on all your stitching lets hope this month is a great one , hugs June.

Clare-Aimetu said...

2024 is certainly going by very quickly. Lovely work on your stitching

Manuela said...

Good progress on your wips.
Have a good month of April ahead.

Robin in Virginia said...

It looks like you had a productive week of stitching, Faith. Here's to the new month and lots of stitches!

Mylene said...

You're moving along great with all your projects.
I love the Twisted Rainbow Samplerand it is looking gorgeous.

Hope your week is going great and weather's better that what
we are having here which is rain, rain, cold and windy.

Carol said...

It really is shocking how quickly these years fly by, Faith--especially as we get older! Twisted Rainbow is growing nicely! Have fun in the new Winter SAL...

Enjoy your April--ours just has to improve. We've had nothing but rain (and tomorrow--snow!) so far. Ugh! Enjoy your evening ♥

Katie said...

I so agree with you. I really really would love life to slow down a bit. I want more time.

Beautiful work on everything. Love watching your progress. Almost as much as stitching myself. I really love the way the SAL has turned out. Definitely better than the bug one haha.