Sunday, May 17, 2020

My Sunday Stitchy Update 05/17/20

Dog Lessons for People
Designer - Lizzie*Kate
This was my progress last week on the 10th

and here it is today!
Progress as of 05/17/20

I made pretty good progress on it. It needs two more lines and one word and it will be finished. I don't want to jinx it but I think the next time it is out I can finish it up. 

Since we are talking dogs I thought that you guys
might want to see our collection of dogs.
They are ALL rescues. Bowser and Scruffy are the "old guys" at eight years old. Then we felt we needed another for some reason or another, so we looked online and saw Appa. When we went to see him we fell in love with him but he was so attached to Damian that they didn't want to be separated from each other so they came as a set. We jokingly call them The Twins and they are now four years old. Then my daughter  wanted a puppy for Christmas and she went to "look" around at the shelter and came home with Samson. They are a handful but how could we pass up those loveable faces?

Thanks so much for stopping by,
see ya next week with another faithful update!


butterfly said...

What a cute lot you have there .
I love dogs and miss my pets , I always had dogs all my life .
But after my last one passed we said no more .
I always get so upset when they pass.
Your stitching is growing almost there .
Have a lovely week .

Manuela said...

Good progress on your wip.
Nice photo from your dogs.

Mary said...

The stitch is perfect for the dog lover in you!! Such sweet faces!!!

Robin in Virginia said...

What a handsome group of Boys you have, Faith! You have made awesome progress on the dog piece!

diamondc said...

Faith: I love the Lizzie Kate design, and your almost finished.
I am so jealous of your kids, they are all adorable, I almost missed the little dark one in the back, oh so cute.
Krissy say hello to all the sweethearts in your home.
Have a lovely week.


Linda said...

Awesome progress Faith. Love your boys.


Katie said...

Ohhh dogs. I'm a dog maniac. Love your boys. Great work on your piece. Looks great on that fabric!

Rachel said...

Hey, fantastic progress! I hope your boys keep reminding you that you are there to serve them. :)

Bethan said...

Really great progress - I love the sentiments in the piece too. Lovely picture of all your lovely dogs x

Lili said...

Lovely post! Your progess is amazing and so beautiful!
The photo of your dogs and the description is wonderful, your heart is so big, Faith!

Have a great day! x

Astrids dragon said...

It's looking better and better, I love it! OMGoodness, your boys are all so adorable! And all rescues, so wonderful. I've got my human boys and now a rescue puppy boy so I'm good!