Sunday, February 18, 2024

My Sunday Stitchy Update 02/18/24

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope that you had a wonderful week. It seems to me that 2024 is going by pretty quickly and so I need to catch up with it! 

This week I stitched on a few pieces for my challenge. The first one up was The Enchanted Snowman. This piece is one that goes way back! It was a gift from Deb; a friend of mine who no longer blogs in 2018. I promptly started it but who know what happened. It got pushed to the back of the box to rarely be seen again. The last time I worked on it was in February of 2022.

The Enchanted Christmas Snowman

Progress 02/12/24
244 stitches for the 200 required.

The next thing I worked on was the Fun Every Day calendar tags. This is another oldie but definitely a goodie! I was also so gung ho when I first bought them. They were my 'waiting in the car project' for a while when I was picking up Jacob from school but now I don't really wait in the car! So I thought I should take them to my stitching group and do them there!! So... I was happily stitching away when I discovered a mistake on the one I was stitching! So I started looking at the rest of them because instead of following the chart each time I followed the one I stitched before it. It was only one line on each but wouldn't you know it; they were all wrong. I had to pick them all apart and do them over again. On perforated paper it isn't that much fun! 

Fun Every Day
Designer - SamSarah Design Studio
(no longer in business)

The left is some of the wrong ones and the one on the right is on it's way to be corrected!
I managed to get 214 stitches in correct this week

And the last one for the week is Valentine! I don't know why but then I look at one like this I always think 'No problem, this one will be quick!' but it never fails; it takes forever! 

🩷 Valentine 🩷

Finished 02/17/24
561 stitches this week for a total of 1,038 for the finish.

And that is my stitching for the week!

Thanks for stopping by to see what I have been up to.

Now I need to finish filling in my acrostic for March and see what I should stitch today!

Have an awesome week.


Clare-Aimetu said...

Another great week of stitching, I always under estimate how long things will take. I've come to the conclusion that I'm quite a slow stitcher

MartinaM said...

You can also see small progress and things are growing. Your Valentine's Stitch is great.
Have a good week

Manuela said...

Good progress on your stitching projects.
I like the Valentine stitching.
Have a nice week. Manuela

Rachel said...

Oh no to the Calendar tags! I think I would have been tempted to leave them and fudge the rest, but good for you for doing what's right!
Valentine is a lovely 'quick' finish, and you have my admiration for pulling out your HAED. Slow and steady on that one.

Mary said...

I love your valentine's finish. You made wonderful progress on The Enchanted Snowman. I will enjoy watching that grow as you stitch.

Robin in Virginia said...

Faith, each one of your pieces are lovely. The letters in Valentine are somewhat dense, but I would have thought the same thing you did that it would be a quick stitch. Have a wonderful week!

butterfly said...

Love the snowman chart , I see you have been a busy bee with all your stitching work Hugs June.

Carol said...

Oh, that snowman is so darling, Faith. I can't imagine doing anything that "stitch-dense," but I look forward to following along with your progress. Your Valentine finish is so cute--love the shades of thread you used. So sorry about the mistake is all of the calendar pieces. I'm sure your heart must have dropped when you spotted it! Glad you are now on the right path once again :) Enjoy your day ♥

Chris said...

Some lovely stitching being done, I've decided to accept the fact my arm injury means I can't stitch the same anymore so have given a lot of my stitching things away, but I still enjoy looking at other's work.